Data Visualization

NYC's Chief Digital Officer enlisted me several times to communicate large pieces of data in concise ways. In this instance, the City wanted to communicate their efforts to expand tech and STEM education for New Yorkers. Armed with an 8-page spreadsheet, I organized the efforts, schools, and programs to be accessible by age range, for the best user experience. This was a four-panel, 11x17" printed piece.

This fold-out printed piece (four-panel 11 x 17") was also converted into a digital tool for Internet Week, sponsored by the City of New York, a client of mine while running The Letter Office. Inspired by 'heat maps', I sought to draw connections of tech hubs around the city.

A friend suggested I made a pros and cons list of where I see myself working, what my strengths, qualities and hopes are. This is what I made instead.

Various charts and graphs I created for Zady's TED Talk.

I documented all of my subway rides for the last four months of my pregnancy, in an admittedly passive-aggressive effort to understand if and when a pregnant woman would be offered a seat. I was offered a seat on a full train 81% of the time, which convinces me that most New Yorkers are kind and helpful. I sent this to Jezebel, and it got picked up by The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, and many other online outlets; NBC News came to my house. It was all pretty #embarassing.