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Type Directors Club's Member of the Month

University of the Arts

I was asked to teach a five-day workshop on letterforms to graphic design students at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. It was a really great experience—on top of the fact that Philly is a great city (it was my first time there), my students were really engaged and dedicated to making well-crafted work. 

Their assignment was to find some lettering in Philadelphia (not difficult to do!) and resurrect it by extrapolating a full alphabet based on the existing system of the found letters. I've done this assignment many times myself, and then later with other students. The great thing about it is the infinite iterations and possibilities. Five days was ambitious, but they pulled it off really well.

I also had 'pivot exercises' which encouraged their brains to focus on something else for a few moments, often to inject some levity. I gave one student a postcard of a chicken and asked him, "what is this chicken thinking about?". I gave another an expired MoMA membership card and asked her to draw an imaginary minimalist painting she might have seen there.

Here is a random sampling of the five-day sprint.